Podcast – Derek Wenmoth

NPDLConnect Podcast series

Derek Wenmoth is the Director of eLearning for Core Education Ltd, a not for profit referential educational research and development organization in NZ.  Derek, and CORE, focus on transforming education in NZ by enabling modern learning. Derek is also Cluster Lead for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and has vast experience as a teacher and principal at the primary and secondary level in New Zealand.

Derek is regarded as one of New Zealand education’s foremost future-focused thinkers, and is regularly asked to consult with policy makers and government agencies regarding the future directions of New Zealand educational policy and practice.

In this Podcast Derek reflects on teacher agency, the historical legacy that holds us back from changing educational practice and the need to act with what he terms an ´8 wire mentality’.  It’s an interesting conversation about how and what should be improved to make schools relevant in the 21st century, without losing the essence of every community’s culture and identity.


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Podcast – Joanne McEachen

NPDLConnect Podcast series

In this Podcast Joanne McEachen analyzes how to create ways to understand and communicate what is important to measure, so every learner can engage, be empowered and experience success in school. Joanne reflects on how education international rankings have a pivotal role in defining the way we teach globally.

Why assessment can be a platform for change or a strong reason for status quo? Why is multiple choice over and how can assessment be a driver for change?

Joanne´s work champions education system change by making sense of what works and what doesn’t – interrogating paradigms and methodologies through the eyes of the learner.

Her experience spans all layers of the education system: as a teacher, principal, Superintendent, and whole system leader at the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

Currently she is the the Global New Measures Director for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning working around the world to transform learning by implementing major realignments in education. As CEO and Founder of The Learner First she fosters deep transformation in schools and systems, helping them shift from learning from standardized to personalized by putting the Learner First.

To learn more about Joanne McEachen

Twitter @joannemceachen
Making the Important Measurable (Not the Measurable Important)
New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (Leading Transformation in Schools, Districts and Systems) -with Joanne Quinn and Michael Fullan- coming soon


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