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Uruguay digs deep into data.

Uruguay digs deep into data. On the back of our latest Global Report we wanted to share some more new measures data collected by our Uruguay Cluster. Over the last three years, Claudia and her team have collected a significant amount of data across all aspects of NPDL. In this report (**note the translate option in the […]

Deep Learning and Well-Being – Levelling the Playing Field for all Children

At our recent Global Deep learning Lab We had the pleasure and privilege of listening to Dr Jean Clinton, Child Psychiatrist / Knowledge Translator, make connections between our 6 C’s, teaching, learning, stress and “success” Dr Jean elaborates further here: https://thelearningexchange.ca/deep-learning-and-well-being-levelling-the-playing-field-for-all-children/ A couple of Dr Jean’s most powerful statements were that “Teachers create the weather in […]

Good News Stories in press

It was wonderful to catch up with so many of you at our DLL several weeks ago. Thank you for making our time together so powerful! The collaborative conversations, sharing of insights and resources, and culture of learning together was an energising and humbling experience. The connections and relationships continue to bloom post-DLL, and we […]

Podcast – Leading and Learning in Uruguay

NPDLConnect Podcast series Leading and Learning in Uruguay This week we are in Uruguay working with Mentors, Principals and System leaders further building understanding and capacity to strengthen the NPDL working over 400 schools across the country. In this special edition of  our NPDL Podcasts (in Spanish) we will go in deep conversation with three […]

DLL 2018 Thought Leaders

Our April Global Deep Learning Lab in Vancouver, Canada is rapidly approaching. Read about some of the thought leaders on the program engage the world change the world. Download the full details here and register here: http://bit.ly/DLL18REG Early Bird rates for NPDL members have been extended to February 16.

Michael Fullan: The Critical Importance of Deep Learning for Students – Podcast

The Critical Importance of Deep Learning for Students The Consortium for Educational Change http://www.cecweb.org recently sat down with Michael Fullan to record a podcast where he discusses the impact deep learning can have on students. Michael discusses the right drivers and the wrong drivers in education, and how using the right drivers – like collaboration and […]