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Podcast – Derek Wenmoth

NPDLConnect Podcast series Derek Wenmoth is the Director of eLearning for Core Education Ltd, a not for profit referential educational research and development organization in NZ.  Derek, and CORE, focus on transforming education in NZ by enabling modern learning. Derek is also Cluster Lead for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and has vast experience as […]

Podcast – Joanne McEachen

NPDLConnect Podcast series In this Podcast Joanne McEachen analyzes how to create ways to understand and communicate what is important to measure, so every learner can engage, be empowered and experience success in school. Joanne reflects on how education international rankings have a pivotal role in defining the way we teach globally. Why assessment can […]

Podcast – Michael Fullan part 2

NPDLConnect Podcast series Michael Fullan – Part II. In this Podcast Michael Fullan talks about the false signals of educational change. He shares his thoughts on what politicians usually overlook when aiming for equity worldwide. Michael reflects on the relationship between neuroscience and learning, the plasticity of the brain, the future emotional intelligence of robots and […]

Podcast – Michael Fullan part 1

NPDLConnect Podcast series Michael Fullan is a worldwide authority on educational reform. Michael “walks the talk” by leading our NPDL Partnership – a global endeavor to shift pedagogy and deepen learning  in over 1000 schools in 7 countries. A former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, Michael […]

Podcast – Joanne Quinn

NPDLConnect Podcast series Joanne Quinn leads the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Capacity Building team,  inspiring change through the development of professional capital in 1000+ schools in 7 countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States and Uruguay). Joanne has a coherent, grounded, innovative perspective of change. She has worked and led at every […]

Podcast – Alan November

We’re really pleased to be able to bring to you our NPDLConnect Podcast series. Over time, we will feature a variety of Thought Leaders and practitioners from across the globe. Our aim is to provoke and challenge your thinking, and inform and support your leadership at classroom, school and district levels, and address both  myths and […]

Ask the Thought Leaders

Excitement is building for our Deep Learning Lab in Toronto May 1-3 One of the powerful features of this event is to be able to connect, communicate and create new knowledge and understanding with colleagues. We want to extend that opportunity to anyone who can’t attend the event; here’s your chance! If you could ask […]

NPDL Global Report

NPDL is happy to share our first Global Report, detailing early findings, key areas of learning, and insights to inform the future direction of our global partnership. The work of teachers, school leaders, and other NPDL participants in Clusters across the globe is already making a difference for learners. Teachers have measured the impact of […]

Find your own Finland!

Having just spent a few (extraordinary) days in Helsinki with the new Finland #NPDL Leads it became immediately obvious that there is a powerful education reform in motion there. The Finnish commitment to excellence, developing more that academic proficiencies is a clear reality, and a hot conversation topic, globally. Working with the Leads made it […]