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Ask the Thought Leaders

Excitement is building for our Deep Learning Lab in Toronto May 1-3 One of the powerful features of this event is to be able to connect, communicate and create new knowledge and understanding with colleagues. We want to extend that opportunity to anyone who can’t attend the event; here’s your chance! If you could ask […]

NPDL Global Report

NPDL is happy to share our first Global Report, detailing early findings, key areas of learning, and insights to inform the future direction of our global partnership. The work of teachers, school leaders, and other NPDL participants in Clusters across the globe is already making a difference for learners. Teachers have measured the impact of […]

Find your own Finland!

Having just spent a few (extraordinary) days in Helsinki with the new Finland #NPDL Leads it became immediately obvious that there is a powerful education reform in motion there. The Finnish commitment to excellence, developing more that academic proficiencies is a clear reality, and a hot conversation topic, globally. Working with the Leads made it […]

Education Development Trust Global Dialogue.

On 1 November at 9pm UK time, 5pm Canada time and on 2 November at 8am in Australia and 10am in New Zealand an invited audience of school leaders will again be connecting together across continents in our second live Global Dialogue event. Global Dialogue brings together schools who are collaborating together to bring about […]

Deeper Learning and Project Based work

Today we share a piece from our colleagues in Washington State. The NWESD 189 District is beginning it’s journey implementing NPDL, and it’s great to read their reflections and connections between existing and next practice. The article below is reposted with permission from https://www.nwesd.org/edtalks/blog/deeper-learning Did you know that currently one-third of American workers are engaged in […]

Learning Momentum

Today we continue to feature contributors from our global partnership. Patrick Miller is the Principal of Innovation with the Simcoe County District School Board in Ontario, Canada. He leads a team of Program and Innovation Instructional Resource Teachers who support innovative learning and teaching strategies across the district K-12. He works to connect learners to each other […]

Where are the Learners?

As we welcome back many teachers and learners from northern hemisphere summer vacation, we would also like to feature some thoughts from Cecilia de la Paz. Cecilia was Cluster Lead in Uruguay, and now works from New Zealand as a member of the NPDL Capacity Building Team. Reflecting on the passing of Seymour Papert in July, […]

Seeing Dots!

Innovation – no doubt it’s a buzz word. Indeed, “Innovate or Perish” seems to be a common mantra across many layers of the world of work. But what might it actually mean, for us in our work in the NPDL Partnership? One of our four core elements are “New Pedagogical Practices”, aspects of teaching and learning […]

NPDL Southern Region Deep Learning Lab

Save the Dates! For this Professional learning workshop with global experts. CORE Education, in collaboration with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, is hosting the Southern Region “Deep Learning Lab”. An open invitation is extended to all educators – this workshop is a unique opportunity to collaborate with global experts to investigate and evaluate ways in which […]