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Where are the Learners?

As we welcome back many teachers and learners from northern hemisphere summer vacation, we would also like to feature some thoughts from Cecilia de la Paz. Cecilia was Cluster Lead in Uruguay, and now works from New Zealand as a member of the NPDL Capacity Building Team. Reflecting on the passing of Seymour Papert in July, […]

Seeing Dots!

Innovation – no doubt it’s a buzz word. Indeed, “Innovate or Perish” seems to be a common mantra across many layers of the world of work. But what might it actually mean, for us in our work in the NPDL Partnership? One of our four core elements are “New Pedagogical Practices”, aspects of teaching and learning […]

NPDL Southern Region Deep Learning Lab

Save the Dates! For this Professional learning workshop with global experts. CORE Education, in collaboration with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, is hosting the Southern Region “Deep Learning Lab”. An open invitation is extended to all educators – this workshop is a unique opportunity to collaborate with global experts to investigate and evaluate ways in which […]

Enablers and Actions

What a big week it has been for us! Thank you to all of you who have hit our social media channels (on Twitter @NewPedagogies  and Facebook ) and subscribed to NPDLConnect. It’s been great to see the various layers of implementation and YOUR practices, learning and learners (of all ages) being featured. A shout […]

Welcome to NPDLConnect!

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we welcome you to NPDLConnect. As the name of this blog suggests, our intent is to bring together ways of thinking and working, conversations, processes and assets so that we can further support the great work that is happening in New Pedagogies for Deep Learning schools […]