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Deep Learning has claimed the attention of educators and policymakers around the world. This book not only defines what deep learning is, but takes up the question of how to mobilize complex, whole-system change and transform learning for all students.

Deep Learning is a global partnership that works to transform the role of teachers to that of activators who design experiences that build global competencies using real-life problem solving, and supports schools, districts, and systems to shift practice and measure learning in authentic ways. This comprehensive strategy incorporates practical tools and processes to engage students, educators, and families in new partnerships and drive deep learning.

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This book elevates deep learning to a systemic approach to enhance professional, social, and cultural capital. It is built on the deep belief that all students can learn if school systems shift from sorting talent, to developing the talent of diverse learners. Deep Learning’s power lies in providing practical advice to help good practice become culture.
Andreas Schleicher, Special Advisor on Education Policy to OECD’s Secretary-General, and Director of PISA

This book offers a powerful set of ideas to enable deeper learning on a large scale. It provides examples at every level of the system—from student and teacher to classroom, school, and state—suggesting how learning may be radically redesigned to change schooling as we know it.
Linda Darling-Hammond, President, Learning Policy Institute, and Charles E. Ducommun Professor Emeritus, Stanford  University

Deep Learning is a groundbreaking book that explores how to make more profound learning experiences available to a broad range of students. An invaluable resource for educators interested in furthering equity and tapping into the intrinsic curiosity of students.
Pedro A. Noguera, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

This book takes us on an exciting journey exploring why and how to deepen learning, and in so doing enables the teaching profession to rediscover the joy of teaching.
Lynn Davie, Director, Learning and Teaching Branch,  Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia

Drawing upon decades of experience and with an eye toward our precarious future, Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen, have written a comprehensive and practical guide that deconstructs the how of education system change. It is a must-read for those preparing our children for the complex, interdependent world they will inherit.
Barbara Chow, Former Education Director, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation