How to Join

How to start forming a NPDL Cluster or Associate Network

Have 100 schools ready to join?

Then you can start your own NPDL Cluster!
NPDL Clusters consist of at least 100 schools that work collaboratively with each other and the Global Directors. Each Cluster has a Leadership Team that supports implementation and capacity building within their Cluster and country.

What if there is already a NPDL Cluster in my country?
If there is already a NPDL Cluster in your country, you may be eligible to join! Simply contact us and let us know that you are interested in joining your country’s Cluster. We will connect you with the Cluster Leadership Team.

Cluster Benefits:

  • Teacher and Cluster Team Access to the Deep Learning Hub
  • One-on-One capacity building and new measures coaching sessions with the Global Directors
  • Invitations to the monthly Virtual Cluster Collaboration Meetings
  • 5 Complimentary registrations to NPDL Global Events plus discounted registrations  for additional attendees
  • Access to the New Measures data submitted by your Cluster and the Global New Measures Report
  • Participation Fee: $200,000 USD/per Cluster each year

Have five or more schools ready to implement deep learning?

Start your own NPDL Associate Network!

NPDL Associate Networks are groups of five or more schools who wish to utilize the Suite of Tools and the Deep Learning Hub independently.

Why five schools? 
A key component of the NPDL Whole System change process is the learning and new knowledge that comes from collaboration. The learning partnerships that develop between Associate Network schools as they assess, analyze, measure and change is critical to improving conditions to allow for Deep Learning.

Associate Network Benefits:

  • Full Teacher and Network Team Access to the Deep Learning Hub and the Suite of Tools
  • Discounted registration for NPDL Global Events
  • Access to the New Measures Data submitted by your network and the Global New Measures Report
  • Participation Fee: $2,000 USD/per school each year

Ready to share NPDL with others?

Is your Cluster or Associate Network ready to join? Learn about your next steps.