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Australia and New Zealand
Why join NPDL: The Victorian and Tasmanian Governments recognize the importance of meaningful engagement between schools to achieving sustainable system-wide gains in student learning. There is a commitment to providing advice and guidance on how to create, maintain and expand partnerships that contribute to improvement in student learning outcomes. The New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative provides an opportunity for schools to work collaboratively, forming partnerships locally, nationally and globally and engage in action research investigating how best to prepare students for life and work. The initiative also provides schools with an opportunity to connect their current strategic directions with the development of models of learning, enabled by digital technologies and linked to measureable and sustained, student improvement outcomes.

  • Started the journey in: November 2013 | States: Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand | Number of schools: Victoria – 83; Tasmania – 34
Why join NPDL: Participating boards joined this exciting global initiative in order to collaborate with educators around the world in collaborative inquiries to further our collective goal of leveraging digital to improve student learning and engagement through the development of deep learning tasks. Participating boards are also excited by the opportunity to measure the things that matter.
  • Started the journey in: June 2014 | Twitter: @NPDL_Canada
  • Districts: Avon Maitland, Evergreen School Divison, Hamilton Wentworth, Kawartha Pine Ridge, Lambton Kent, Louis Riel School Division, Near North, OttawaCatholic, Ottaw Carleton, Peterborough Northumberland, Simcoe County, St. Clair Catholic, St. James-Assiniboia School Division
  • Number of schools: Elementary – 67; Secondary – 16; Other – 1
  • Started the journey in: Summer 2014 | Twitter: @NPDLNL• Districts: Schools from regions all across the Netherlands
  • Number of schools: Pre-School / Kindergarten – 24; Secondary – 3
USAUnited States
Why join NPDL: Uruguay joined the partnership to connect and collaborate with education experts worldwide. We want to be part of an international academic community. We expect to share experiences related with new and different ways of learning and to maximize the opportunities offered by the inter relation between pedagogy and technology.
  • Started the journey in: January 2014 | Twitter: @RedAprendizajes
  • Number of Schools: Primary school – 73; Middle School – 27